On Thursday 3rd March, 23 year 12 students braved the tube strike to travel into central London for an exciting day of Physics lectures from scientists and engineers working in some of the most cutting-edge areas of Physics.

An hour's walk from Paddington station the Emmanuel Centre was the perfect venue. Students were treated to a bonus walking tour of London due to the strike and could take in Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace as well as a fascinating day of Physics.

The lectures included “What We Don’t Know About the Universe” by Professor Chris Lintott, “Body x Movement = Thrill” by Professor Brendan Walker (his job is to understand how physics and knowledge of the human body can be used to design theme park rides!) and “Resistance is Futile: The Science of Superconductors” by Dr Andrew Steele which involved amazing demonstrations of superconductivity using liquid nitrogen. There were also talks on using infra-red light to study the health of brains and how ultrasound can be used to prevent disasters. Students were particularly excited to meet Lewis Matheson who created the GCSE and A-level Online revision resources, they recognised him from his videos and all queued to get there selfies and signed revision guides.