On Tuesday 8 February, Shristi, our Science Partner, from St. Georges, University of London, came in to help the students produce their own posters for their research project on blood pressure: The Effect of Various Activities on the Blood Pressure of Year Seven and Year Eight  students. Different pairs of students had different sections of the poster. Some students were working on the Title, Names and Aims. Whilst some students were worked on other aspects such as the Method, for example. The results were quite interesting. Activities like writing and drawing lowered blood pressure while on the contrary, irritating sounds (not surprisingly), and an emotive video raised blood pressure.

It's nice that the Elite Scientists have good data to analyse and evaluate. The hope is, that now that the world is "opening up" after the pandemic, that they'll be able to present their poster and talk at the IRIS (Institute For Research in Schools) conference, St. George's University of London, and Great Exhibition Road Festival. 

Well done Elite Scientists, and thank you Srishti.