The new Elite Scientists 7.0 have been selected via application :-) They were all raring to go on Tuesday, 2nd of November. The session kicked off with reading for the Royal Society Young Book Prize 2021. The Royal Society Young Book Prize involves an adult panel at the Royal Society whittling down around 60-70 books down to the top six. The top six are then sent round the UK to participating schools, like ours, where the students make the final choice out of the six books. Some of the things that our students had to comment on, included: ease of reading, interest look and feel. Well done to all the Elite Scientists for their hard work!! After the students read the 6 shortlisted six books, they collectively decided on the winner, which was:

Under the Stars Astrophysics for Everyone, by Lisa Harvey-Smith.

Tuesday November 9, saw Srishti visit us for the first time since she did the Elite Scientist launch :-) The session kicked off with a short talk by Srishti summarising what she did, and what she will do with the Elite Scientists over the coming year. After the introductions, Srishti asked each student what they wanted to do in the future, and why they chose to do Elite Scientists, which was interesting, as their responses were varied. Thereafter, the Elite Scientists had a Q and A with Srishti, then quickly got to work on research about blood pressure, which will form the foundation of their research project on blood pressure in students. Srishti got the students to articulate their answers to the questions given. It was an exciting session, which got the juices flowing for the year ahead. Thank you to Srishti Balamurugan, from Saint Georges, University of London, for coming in and enthusing our students.

We look forward to more of your visits! :-)