On Tuesday 12th of October, Srishti Balamurugan, from St George's, University of London, came to William Perkin to launch the Elite scientist program for 2021-22. It was a brilliant talk, where Srishti talked about her journey as a scientist, and elaborated on her course: Biomedical Sciences, which she does at St. George’s, University of London. (Do you get my title now?) Srishti also talked about the different types of careers that were accessible by doing this course. She went on to explain the topic of Elite Scientists this year, which is “The Effect of various activities on the Blood Pressure of Students”. Srishti also mentioned the importance of doing something like Elite Scientists, saying that as well as being interesting, it was also important for job, college and university applications. In the future, employers and Educators are not just interested in students doing academic subjects, but are also interested in students doing extra curricular activities. Srishti said she would have jumped at the chance, if she has this opportunity (so would I have done!).

The students asked great questions at the Q&A, and it was a real delight to see them asking a variety of questions about Srishti’s journey, and also about Elite scientist in general. We’re looking forward to going through all the applications!!

Thanks to: Srishti Balamurugan, Ben and Michael on the tech team, and to all the teachers who brought down all the students, and gave up their time.

Ms Kapila

Science Teacher

Leader of Elite Scientists