Ooh that is disgusting!!!!!

On Thursday 15th July, our Keynote Speaker for Founders Day, Professor Raffaella Villa from the Department of Environmental Engineering at De Montford University, came to talk about Fatbergs.

London, and other parts of the world unfortunately, have had fatbergs. These are sewage pipe blockages that are mainly made of wet wipes and fat, together with other materials. It costs millions to unblock sewage pipes, so it was really interesting to find out our part in causing these.

Professor Villa gave advice as to what we need to do to prevent the fatbergs from forming and growing. She also showed what happens to toilet paper and wet wipes in water. We saw that the toilet paper breaks up, but the wet wipes don’t. We also learned what type of soaps lead to the fatberg formation. After the talks delivered to Year 8 and Year 9, questions were asked by students and staff. It was so interesting. A bit weird that the fatberg is like a disgusting soap - hmmmmm, I don’t think I’d like to use that type of soap! Thank you Professor Raffaella Villa for your time and effort. You were very inspirational for our students.

Catch Fatberg Autopsy on Channel 4 on Demand here.

Ms Kapila
Science Teacher
Leader of Elite Scientists