On Thursday 17th June, Kwaku Duah-Asante from Imperial College, came to do a talk/workshop on blood pressure with the Year 8 students. Normally this workshop is open to the whole school, however because of the pandemic, we could only open it up to Year 8 students. The Year 8s were the blessed year group! 14 Year 8 students came to see Kwaku speak, and the Elite scientists were also present in person, but also online via Microsoft Teams, as some of the Elite Scientists were self isolating at home.

The workshop included a talk by Kwaku, followed Q & A, subsequently followed by a heart and lung dissection, projected on screen, followed by the Year 8s measuring their blood pressure, with the help of the Elite Scientists. It was the last time that the Elite Scientists 6.0 would see Kwaku for a session, so it was an emotional one. They all clubbed together and gave him a card with £50 worth of Costa vouchers so he could enjoy himself having coffee and cake, and made him a handmade greeting card. We unfurled their Scientific Poster, from IRIS (Institute for Research in Schools), had a photo with it, and they all received their IRIS Virtual Conference Certificates.

It was a very informative day that was so interesting for all. Thank you to Kwaku Duah-Asante for coming, for the year 8s attending voluntarily (14 - a great number for one year group!), and the Elite Scientists assisting with the blood pressure monitors.

Lastly, thanks to Ms Kapila for organizing the Workshop.

Ms Kapila
Leader of Elite Scientists and Science Teacher