On Thursday 13th May 2021, from 2.30pm to 4.30pm, The Elite Scientists were involved in the virtual IRIS Conference 2021 (Institute for Research In Schools).

Normally, this conference happens in a London University, such as Saint Mary’s, or The Science Museum. This year was very different! The students had their pre-prepared talk and poster, presented at the virtual conference, alongside other schools around the country. Students were allowed to ask questions on the posters and talks, which meant our students, had to answer questions on their talk and poster. Our science partner Kwaku Duah-Asante, said “They did us proud!” I concurred!

The conference kicked off with a talk from an Astrophysicist called Dr Hannah Wakeford, from Bristol University, who talked about her research, and there was another talk from Professor Michael Reiss, from the Department of Science Education, from University College, London. Both talks were very stimulating!

After the conference, the Elite Scientists even did some research work for their Blood Pressure project! The students got to be scientists in all respects throughout this whole year. Well done!

Ms Kapila
Science Teacher
Leader of Elite Scientists