On Thursday 22nd April 2021, the Elite Scientists finally started their experiments, after months of remote sessions!! The students' project is called “The effect of various activities on the blood pressure of year eight students“. The kind of activities that the students will be investigating are: reading, maths problems, drawing, writing, exercising, playing a computer game and origami.

The students are using wrist blood pressure monitors, to measure their blood pressure before the activity, during the activity, and after the activity. The students will be recording their data in a central table. Subsequently, they will be analysing their data and drawing conclusions from it. It was a good day, when they could finally do experiments. Well done!

The virtual IRIS (Institute For Research In Schools) Conference 2021, will be taking place on Thursday 13th May 2021. They were supposed to go to Imperial College, on Friday 14th May, to give their talk and poster, however, because of the Government restrictions, they are not able to go. As soon as it is possible, we will attempt to get a date in the diary for them to attend. We will also attempt to get the same date, to take the Elite Scientists 5.0, as they missed out last year.

Thank you to the Jack Petchey foundation for £750 for allowing the students to do the project.

And thank you for Kwaku Duah-Asante, for being our science partner.

Ms Kapila
Science Teacher
Leader of Elite Scientists
Royal Society Schools Network