On Thursday 25th March, IRIS (Institute for Research In Schools) virtually filmed the Elite Scientists giving their talk. They did such an amazing job!!! I am very proud of them, as they have worked through adversity, joining Teams every week, with Kwaku Duah-Asante, our Science Partner from Imperial College, and the other Elite Scientists, discussing how to give a good talk, and also how to produce a quality scientific poster.

The talk they gave was amazing! Well done Elite Scientists, we look forward to seeing your talk at the virtual IRIS Conference, on Thursday 13th May, where academic and student delegates will observe your talk and scientific poster.

The session ended with Poppy, from IRIS, asking the students some questions about their project, which got them to articulate how it has been for them during the pandemic. What made me even more proud, was that Tim, from Venue, who filmed the talk, and Poppy from IRIS, were full of praises for their work. Well done Elite scientists, so proud of you all!!

Also, thank you to:

  • Kwaku Duah-Asante for prepping our students
  • Tim from Venue for filming
  • Poppy from IRIS interviewing the students

Ms Kapila
Science Teacher and Leader of the Elite Scientists