This was the title of one of the books that the Elite Scientists were reading over the last term.

The Royal Society have an annual competition, where a judging panel at the Royal Society, whittle down about 70 books to a shortlist of six. The final six books then get sent round to different schools in the country and students in those schools read the books and judge them. They choose an overall book, that is their favourite.

The top book rated by the Elite Scientists was the Key of Code, by Aimee Lucido, which is all about computer programming, which is all a bit beyond me! However, the students really enjoyed that book. As you can see by the photos below, they really enjoyed the experience, during an otherwise odd year.

The book prize was pushed back from Summer 2020 to Autumn 2020, as normally we would do this in the summer time, after the Elite Scientists have done their Science project - this year, it is a project on blood pressure with Kwaku Duah Asante, from Imperial College London. Most of the Elite Scientists have also contributed to making a video about the books they have read. The winning video could win a share of book tokens worth £500 and the author of the winning book wins £10,000.

Here’s hoping!!

Ms Kapila
Leader of Elite Scientists