Welfare & Attendance


Student welfare is managed through our Pastoral System. Each student has a Form Tutor who acts as the first point of contact in issues relating to student wellbeing. Tutors are supported by the Heads of Year who take full responsibility for students in their care. A wide range of agencies will be used to provide support and guidance in a variety of student welfare issues. The Learning and Inclusion Department will offer mentoring, counselling, literacy & numeracy support as well as a range of personalised programmes.

There are several trained First Aiders who are on-call for care and advice. The District School Nurse will ensure that all medical/vaccination programmes are met and communicated as well as providing medical advice to our staff and students.

Safeguarding policies and practices comply with all national requirements with Mrs Hillary Lloyd as the named Designated Safeguarding Officer.

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Parents are expected to comply with all national regulations regarding student attendance and punctuality.

  • Daily absence reporting:
    If your child is going to be absent from school due to illness, you must emailoffice@williamperkin.org.uk or leave a message on the attendance line on each day of absence. It is not necessary to speak to member of staff. If your child is absent from school for 2 or more days, a doctor’s medical note will be required.
  • Medical appointments:
    If you know in advance that your child is going to be out of school for a medical appointment, you must email office@williamperkin.org.uk or send a letter to the school office with the reason and details before the appointment takes place. For your child’s safety, they will not be allowed to leave school without a written note.
  • Absence requests:
    All requests for leave of absence must be made to the school by completing a leave of absence form, which can be found here. The school is not allowed to grant leave of absence unless under exceptional and documented circumstances. Leave of absence for holidays is no longer permissible under government guidance (November 2013). The school has to warn parents that if you take unauthorised leave of absence then you will be liable to a fixed penalty fine issued on our behalf by the local authority.
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Financial Help

Help is available for parents on certain benefits. You can get free school meals by registering with your local council. If you have been registered at any point in the last 6 years then you will be eligible for help with the cost of music tuition, trips and other extra curricular activities. More information can be found here.

Some councils also provide help with travel costs, music instrument purchase and the cost of school uniforms.

You can find out how to register with local councils in the area by clicking on the links below:

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